Princeton Ethiopian Miracles of Mary Project List of Stories (የፕሪንስተን የኢትዮጵያ ተዓምራተ ማርያም ፕሮጀክት)

For information about these stories, please see the PEMM project page. The titles below have already been updated and refined elsewhere; the ones below are provided only for general reference.


Macomber ID Number Macomber Ethiopian Marian Miracle Title
1-A Vision of Theophilus of Alexandria.
1-B Vision of Theophilus of Alexandria (continued): Satan appears to King Herod and advises him to kill the Innocents.
1-C Vision of Theophilus of Alexandria (continued): The arrival of the Holy Family in Sāmǝnon.
2 Vision of Theophilus of Alexandria (continued): Satan urges Herod to pursue the Holy Family.
3 Vision of Theophilus of Alexandria (continued): The Holy Family returns from Egypt.
4 Deacon Michael, the grocer and the ring that was found in the fish.
5 The Frenchman whose wife was unable to have children.
6 During the famine of 1120 MM [likely 1404 CE], the Arabs try to plunder the monasteries of Egypt.
7 The monk of Däbrä Qaləmon who did not fast.
8 The monks of Däbrä Qaləmon who were despoiled by Berbers.
9 A man steals the scissors of the tailor of Däbrä Qaləmon.
10 Qommos Raphael from Däbrä ʾƎnṣǝnā and the sacrament of confession.
11 A man who has contempt for Saint Mary’s icon at Däbrä Qaləmon is punished.
12 The composition of the Maṣḥafa ḥawi by Patriarch Gabriel Ibn Tarīk.
13 The composition of the Miracles of Mary by Bishop Hildephonsus of Toledo.
14 The composition of the Wǝddāse Maryam by the Syrian potter.
15 Amnut, the custodian of a church in Egypt, quarrels with his bishop.
16 Three men who were journeying to the Rif on the Nile in Egypt.
17 Nəkʷal, the deacon from Margawkim, who spent his master’s money on the poor.
18 The priest from Nārdin who was accused because he kept a nun in his house.
19 The monk, Yǝsḥaq, who prayed for seven years that Saint Mary would appear to him.
20 The woman who suffered from an issue of blood for many years.
21 Yoḥannǝs finds a copy of the acts of Saints Juliana and Barbara that he had lost.
22 The lamp before the icon of Saint Mary that the priest tipped over.
23 The two blessed monks, Sadaqā and ʾƎstifānos, from the monastery of Saint Victor.
24 The Christians gathered for a feast of Saint Mary are saved from the Arabs.
25 ʾƎmma Yoḥannǝs and the Ethiopian monk who was on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
26 The European who wanted to steal the bars of the door to the Manger at Bethlehem.
27 Maryam from Dǝfrā, a child who wanted to receive Communion but was shut up in the house when her family went to church.
28 The lamp of the Christian from Mǝneta Diyāqon that was blown out by the wind.
29 The wife of Joseph from Mǝneta Diyāqon, who had no male children.
30 The poor man from Aragon [Spain] who was buried alive in a gold mine.
31 The cupbearer of the king of France.
32 The husband who denied Christ when he became poor.
33 The French artist who fell from the scaffolding while painting frescoes.
34 The man who became a Christian when Saint Mary appeared to him.
35-A1  The apparitions of Saint Mary at Däbrä Metmaq.
35-A2  The apparitions of Saint Mary at Däbrä Metmaq.
35-B At the consecration of Däbrä Metmaq, Saint Mary appears.
35-C The bishop, who was present at the apparition of Saint Mary, asks her to give her blessing.
35-D People from other faiths come to see the annual apparition of Saint Mary.
35-E The people toss their caps and kerchiefs into the air before the apparition of Saint Mary; occasionally she reaches out and takes one of them.
35-F The people start to beat a serving girl, in order to take from her the kerchief that she had received back from Saint Mary after tossing it to her.
36 The untrustworthy camel driver of Däbrä Metmaq.
37 Yeshaq, prior of Däbrä Metmaq, who fled to Scete, Egypt, to escape the burden of his office.
38 The son of the ruler of Egypt insults the icon of Saint Mary.
39 Eulogius, the stonemason of Scete, Egypt, who used to give hospitality to strangers.
40 The miraculous spring of Mehzab.
41 The old woman from Sembat who gave the offering for Saint Mary to Saint George.
42 The church built on the tomb of Saint Mary that will turn into a ship.
43 The story of the blind priest, Yohannes Bakansi.
44 The priest, Rizqallah, recovers things stolen from pilgrims.
45 The story of the icon of Saint Mary of Däbrä Sedeneya, attributed to Cyril of Jerusalem.
46 The church of Saint Mary that moved by itself to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
47 The conversion of the merchant who had been imprisoned in Naples.
48 The rich man from Colosse who was wounded in the eye while fighting the Qwez.
49 Saint Mary appears during Mass in the church at Meneta Sard.
50 Abba Samuˀel of Däbrä Qaləmon intercedes for an angel who had disobeyed the command of God.
51 Mary, Pregnancy of cycle: Three virgins come to serve Saint Mary as she is about to give birth.
52 Bishop Michael sends Deacon John to help the monks of Däbrä Metmaq celebrate Passion Week.
53 The cistern at Däbrä Metmaq is filled miraculously.
54 Saint Mary carries a dying monk to Jerusalem.
55 Some of the deceased great Fathers of the Desert appear to the monks of Scete.
56 An abbot in Scete sees first a multitude of demons, then a multitude of saints.
57 The widow who could not find husbands for her three daughters.
58 The story of the martyr, Saint Victor, and his mother, Martha.
59 Elizabeth, the blind daughter of Abraham and Gera Anest of Baderman.
60 The woman who entrusted her jewels to a Christian for safekeeping.
61 The two brothers who copied the Miracles of Mary and fell into the doing of a sin.
62 The abbot who did not allow the Miracles of Mary to be read in his monastery.
63 A man killed during the construction of the church of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam is raised from the dead.
64 The story of the sorcerers Taludar, who was possessed by a demon.
65 The vinedresser of Manfalut who gave his earnings to the builders of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam.
66 Saint Mary appears as a winged maiden to John, a monk of Saint Macarius.
67 The man who stole the lumber from the church at Däbrä QwesqWam.
68 Saint Mary appears to the martyr, Giyorgis Haddis, in prison.
69 Mareqos, King of Romeya, abandons his throne secretly to become a monk.
70 The people of Romeya appeal to Patriarch Dionysius to find King Mareqos.
71 When Sefengeya, wife of King Masfeyanos of Romeya, prays to have a child before the icon of Saint Mary, the icon inclines its head; Sefengeya then conceives Yeshaq (Abba Garima).
72 Entawos, a pagan from Qarays, becomes a Christian after being struck by miraculous arrows.
73 A man who speaks blasphemously of Saint Mary has his arms and legs cut off.
74 The wife of a pagan official who wished to pray at the Holy Sepulcher is prevented until she is baptized.
75 The son of Emperor Tiberius is raised from the dead.
76 John the Evangelist paints an icon of the Crucifixion for Emperor Tiberius.
77 Petros Bawares has a vision of the Trinity.
78 The conversion of Rewh, who is renamed Entons Haddis.
79 The wife of Mark, a priest from Mallawi, is cured of her leprosy.
80 The monks of Saint Anthony celebrate Holy Week at Däbrä QWesqWam.
81 A man, Katib, tries to extort money from the monks of Saint Anthony.
82 Katir, the old priest from Elkesus, who was about to be dismissed from the church.
83 The story of the two brothers from Dalga who were dyers.
84 Homily of John Chrysostom on the visit of Saint Mary and her Son to John the Baptist.
85 The story of Pifamon, the martyr from Awsim.
86 The story of John, the martyr from Senhut.
87 The non-Christians plan to burn the body of Saint Mary.
88 A Roman official is prevented from approaching the Holy Sepulcher.
89 Emperor Zeno builds churches in Scete.
90 A priest is warned by an angel not to rush when incensing the icon of Saint Mary.
91 Saint Mary blesses Scete, which Saint Macarius chooses for his monastery.
92 The story of Michael, the scribe who converted to Islam when he was beaten.
93 The story of the man who lived near the churches of Saints Mark and Shenute.
94 A hermit in Jerusalem is saved from the temptations of Satan.
95 A monk, Abraham, drinks poisonous water while on a journey to visit the patriarch and dies, but is then raised from the dead.
96 The story of Absadi, gardener of the monastery of St. Shenute, who used to give away vegetables from the garden.
97 The wrath of Saint Mary against the prefect of a church who tried to stop the priests from making a procession while singing hymns to her.
98 Saint Basil cycle: The proud men who wanted to have a splendid icon of Saint Mary made.
99 The stone-footed man (i. e., a man with gout) from France.
100 The daughter of the chief of the thieves is cured of her leprosy at the miraculous spring.
101 Saint Mary saves the soul of a thief who was slain by the miraculous spring.
102 Homily on the miracles of Saint Mary.
103 Bishop Mercurius, whom the patriarch wanted to remove because of leprosy.
104 The persecution of the Christians during the patriarchate of Cosmas II.
105 The withered olive tree at the gate of the church in Endules.
106 The rich man who threw dry bread to a beggar in the name of Saint Mary.
107 The story of the penitent harlot, Mary of Egypt.
108 Patriarch Abraham and the interpretation of the parable of the mustard seed.
109 The daughter of the rich man from Caesarea who could not deliver her baby.
110 Emperor Arcadius and the golden statue of Saint Mary; he asks Saint John Chrysostom to expound on Matthew 1: 25.
111 The woman from Cairo who lived by the river and whose daughter became blind.
112 A poor woman with a broken leg is healed by the icon of Saint Mary in the church of Harat ar-Rum.
113 The virgin who sinned with many lovers.
114 The brigands who killed each other at the miraculous spring.
115 The son of a rich official of Cappadocia is raised from the dead.
116 The beggar at the church of Qirqos in Amhara from whose head a horn grew.
117 The Apostles gather for the funeral of Saint Mary.
118 The merchant from Senfewat who struck the icon of Saint Mary.
119 Mary, Assumption of cycle: When Tafoneya lays hands on the bier of Saint Mary, an angel cuts his arms off.
120 The reopening of the church in Harat Zuwayla.
121 The healing of the Egyptian King Soforon (or Safron).
122 The miracle concerning the golden ink during the reign of King Dawit.
123 The chastisement of the heretic, Nestorius.
124 Saint Basil cycle: Saint Basil and the rich man who refused to give him a tablet [saleda] for an icon of Saint Mary.
125 The story of the cannibal from Qemer.
126 The man who was possessed by a spirit of epilepsy [nagargar] for 47 years.
127 Saint Basil cycle: Saint Basil and the merchant of Caesarea who stole a golden plate from the church, but later became a Christian.
128 The story of Saint Menas and his brother.
129 The election of Patriarch Matthew I.
130 The story of Saint Alexius [Abdo l a-Masih], son of Emperor Theodosius.
131 The faded icon of Saint Mary that the mother-in-law wanted to discard.
132 The woman from Cairo whose children all died.
133 Holy Family journey cycle: The places in Egypt visited by the Holy Family.
134 The nominal Christian from Sidon who encountered a dragon.
135 The sinful deacon who was healed by a drop of Saint Mary’s milk.
136 The thief whom the king’s soldiers could not kill.
137 The Emperor of Rome who erected an altar in his palace.
138 Saint Mary commands a deacon to give Christian burial to a sinful deacon assassinated by his enemies; when they disinter him, a flower is found in his mouth.
139 The repentant knight who could pray only the Hail Mary.
140 The sinful deacon whom his enemies could not kill until he had confessed himself to a priest.
141-A The bishop for whom Saint Mary tailored a new sackcloth sends a penitent to Santiago.
141-B When Pariqos of Fesa confesses his sins to the bishop, the latter, refusing him absolution, tells him to go to Abba Yaceqob (Santiago).
142 The deacon’s prayer that contained five times “Rejoice!” [tafassehiyat].
143 Alexander, from Jerusalem, is delivered three days after he was swallowed up by a dragon.
144 The pilgrim to Santiago whom Satan persuaded to mutilate himself after falling into a sexual sin.
145 The priest who could only say the Mass of the Virgin Mary.
146 The knight who wanted to seduce the daughter of the cobbler.
147 The boy who received Holy Communion with his Christian companions.
148 The pregnant woman who was caught by the tide while going to the church of Saint Michael (Mont Saint Michel)
149 A man who drowned when a pilgrim ship sank is resuscitated.
150 The divorced wife who prayed for revenge against her rival.
151 The woman from Rome whose daughter rose up on the anniversary of her death.
152 The widow who prayed to Saint Mary and saved her only son from death by hanging.
153 The young man who used to bring roses to the icon of Saint Mary.
154 The two women who were attacked by robbers on their way to church.
155 The sister of Emperor Constantine who prayed to know how Saint Mary bore the Word of God, but then failed to recognize her Son when he appeared to her in church.
156 The young novice whom Saint Mary encouraged to persevere in his vocation
157 The pious official who was accused of embezzlement and of having an affair with the wife of his lord.
158 The prioress who became pregnant after sinning with a servant.
159 A nun sacristan elopes with a priest, but afterwards they repent.
160 The bee keeper who consulted a sorceress to have more honey.
161 The pious monk from Akhmim whom Saint Mary made young.
162 The pious monk scribe who used to write Saint Mary’s name in golden ink.
163 The man whom Saint Mary told to receive baptism. Later, as Bishop of Rome, he cut off his hand because of a carnal thought.
164 A nun in prison for her faith prays for two virgins.
165 The sinful woman who despaired when she kept on sinning and swallowed a scorpion.
166 The prudent monk who suspected that the food that the monks were eating was harmful, but then saw Saint Mary making it tasty for them.
167 The woman who was prevented from fasting by her husband.
168 The noblewoman who was persuaded by her spiritual father to give away her fine clothes.
169 The rich merchant from Constantinople who lost all his money and made the icon of Saint Mary his guarantor when he borrowed money from a usurer.
170 Saint Mary saves from a lion a pious monk who had drunk too much wine.
171 The husband who broke his vow that he would live celibately with his wife.
172 The merchant who distributed as alms the money that had been loaned him by a friend.
173 The two brothers from Rome, Peter, a deacon, and Stephen, an avaricious magistrate.
174 Saint Mary saves the soul of a rich sinner who had repented and was planning to build a monastery and become a monk.
175 Pachomius, the avaricious patriarch of Rome, who sold the chrism of the church.
176 The avaricious priest who visited a dying man who loved bribes.
177 The nun who was dissuaded from eloping with a knight by a vision of Hell.
178 The shepherd near the church of Saint Paul in Rome who was possessed by a demon.
179 The monk who has carried by the bretheren to church when he became too sick to walk.
180 The rich knight who was advised by an abbot to pray to Saint Mary to win the heart of the woman with whom he was in love.
181 The monk custodian of the church who prayed to see Saint Mary.
182 The bankrupt merchant to whom Satan offered two pearls if he would deny Christ and Saint Mary.
183 A herdsman saves his beasts in a storm by praying to Saint Mary.
184 The pious mower of hay to whom the gatekeeper gave his daughter in marriage.
185 The rich woman who went with the monks to the manbalis for prayer and there saw a vision of Saint Mary.
186 The robber whom a bishop was commanded to bury after he was executed.
187 The peasant who complained to Saint Mary because she did not reply to his Hail Mary.
188 The cowherd who was baptized by his Christian companions.
189 The mighty Goliath threatens to destroy the monastery of Saint Mary.
190 The man who found an icon of Saint Mary in his house.
191 The only son of a king who dedicated himself to Saint Mary.
192 The young man who was ready to serve Satan, but refused to deny Saint Mary.
193 A knight tries to seduce the wife of a friend, but she is saved by a vision.
194 The pious rich man whom Satan served in hopes of destroying him.
195 The peasant who became rich from other people’s goods.
196 The hypocritical superior of a monastery who pretended to be religious.
197 The man of Constantinople who threw an icon of Saint Mary into the latrine.
198 The woman from Rome who killed the baby she bore after sleeping with her son
199 The monk who got himself appointed abbot of another monastery by the king, without the consent of the monks.
200 The young man who offered the ring he had received from his girlfriend to the icon of Saint Mary.
201 A ship that was about to founder is saved when they pray to Saint Mary.
202 The man who attacked the icon of Saint Mary when he failed to obtain by litigation someone else’s property.
203 The knight who denied Christ at the bidding of Satan, in order to have fine clothes for a reception, but refused to deny Saint Mary.
204 The monk who was custodian of a church near a river and drowned while trying to cross to visit his lover.
205 The nun who used to pray for the dead, but lost her virginity and died before completing her penance.
206 The nun whom Saint Mary admonished to recite the Hail Mary more attentively.
207 The monk who saved the church of Saint Mary in Atrib by his prayers when its destruction had been ordered by the Caliph.
208 Abba Mardari, who overheard twelve angels talking about going to Constantinople to hear Saint John Chrysostom praise Saint Mary.
209 The wealthy man to whom Saint Mary appeared in the form of a bird to save the countryside from pestilence.
210 Thecla is taken to Alexandria to see her brother, Abba Esi, in a boat guided by the Archangels Gabriel and Sureyal.
211 Saint Mary incenses Thecla (continuation).
212 Abba Esi and Thecla are saved from the torture ordered by the judge (continuation of the preceding).
213 Saint Paul is taken to the third heaven and there sees Saint Mary.
214 Abba Behor has a vision of Saint Mary.
215 The vision of Gregory the Seer [ra’eya hebu’at] .
216 Saint Mary appears to Sawla, the wife of the martyr, Giyorgis Haddis.
217 The history ot Däbrä Mahew near Jerusalem and its miraculous spring.
218 The story of Awr, the son of the princess and the magician, Abrasit.
219 Saint Mary cures the son of a Roman official in Bethlehem.
220 Saint Mary heals a woman possessed by evil spirits.
221 An Egyptian woman comes to Saint Mary in Bethlehem and is healed of her fever.
222 A woman whose right eye had been blinded by a demon is healed by Saint Mary.
223 Saint Mary appears to Timothy, Patriarch of Alexandria, in the church of Saint Pachomius in Alexandria.
224 Saint Mary appears to Anthony, a monk of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam.
225 Saint Mary appears to Anthony of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam (continued).
226 Saint Mary anoints sick animals and heals them at Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam.
227 Message of Saint Mary to Anthony, monk of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam.
228 Anthony, the monk of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam, asks about the anointing of the animals.
229 The blessing given to the animals at Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam by the anointing of Saint Mary.
230 The priest who left the keys of the church locked up inside.
231 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The life of Saint Mary to the birth of Christ.
232 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The flight into Egypt.
233 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The Holy Family receives hospitality from a shepherd.
234 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The Holy Family crosses the Nile at Asmunayn.
235 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The Christ Child grants Saint Mary a vision of his future glory.
236 Saint Mary gives a thirsty dog water to drink from her shoe.
237 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): Ahrufas, the guardian angel of Egypt, comes to the Holy Family.
238 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The experience of the Holy Family in the district of Asmunayn.
239 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The Holy Family encounters thieves.
240 The vision of Timothy of Alexandria (continued): The Holy Family arrives at Däbrä QWesqWam.
241 Saint Peter gives Saint John Chrysostom the keys of the kingdom and Saint John the Evangelist gives him the Gospels; then Saint Mary appears to him.
242 Mary, Assumption of cycle: The non-Christians try to burn down the house where Saint Mary is staying but are burned up instead.
243 The Holy Spirit recounts the salvific events that have occurred on Sunday.
244 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary prays with the disciples.
245 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary prays with the disciples (continuation).
246 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary prays for the release of the souls in judgment.
247 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint John the Evangelist sees a vision of Saint Mary in glory.
248 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Christ celebrates Mass for Saint Mary.
249 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary asks Christ that the disciples preach her Transitus and Assumption.
250 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary asks that Saint John be allowed to visit her dwelling place.
251 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Prochorus reports Saint John’s visit to Saint Mary’s dwelling place.
252 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary prays to be taken from this life.
253 Mary, Assumption of cycle: The non-Christians go to Bethlehem to seize Saint Mary but are blinded.
254 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Christ, together with Saint Mary and the angels, appears to the Apostles and asks them to build churches in his name and hers throughout the world.
255 Christ makes Saint Peter head of the Church.
256 Saint Basil cycle: Saint Mary, together with Saints Irene and Sophia, appears to Saint Basil and tells him where her icon is buried.
257 Saint Basil cycle: Saint Basil finds the buried icon of Saint Mary.
258 Saint Basil cycle: Saint Mary tells Saint Basil to take two pillars from a pagan temple.
259 Saint Basil cycle: Saint Mary sets up the pillars in the church and makes a miraculous spring flow out at their base.
260 Salome’s hands are burned when she tries to verify Saint Mary’s virginity, but they are healed when she takes the Christ Child into her arms.
261 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint John the Evangelist sees Christ kissing Saint Mary’s burial cloth.
262 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary’s soul descends from heaven in a tent of light.
263 Saint John Chrysostom defends a woman whom Nestorius had told the people to spit upon.
264 A woman who had poisoned her sister and married her husband is swallowed up by the earth when she anoints herself with the oil that flowed from Saint Mary’s icon.
265 Saint Mary rescues the ship in which Mar Barsuma is travelling.
266 Saint Mary appears to the disciples of Mar Barsuma in the form of a dove.
267 Saint Mary appears to Saints Atrasis and Yona, virgins and martyrs.
268 Saint Mary appears to Saint Sarabamon, the future bishop of Nikiou and martyr.
269 The events that occurred during the captivity of Abbots Samuˀel of Däbrä Qaləmon and John of Scete.
270 Saint Mary appears to Saint Nicholas and gives him priestly vestments.
271 Saint Mary appears to the brother of Saint Basil, Saint Gregory, bishop of “the Islands” (i.e. of Nyassa).
272 Saint Mary appears to Saint Paphnutius.
273 Saint Mary raises Andrew, a disciple of Abba Samuˀel of Däbrä Qaləmon, from the dead.
274 Abba Samuˀel of Däbrä Qaləmon instructs his disciples on his deathbed.
275 Saint Mary appears to Saint Theodore the Anatolian.
276 The fate of the monk, Giyorgis, who followed the teachings of Za-Mika’el.
277 The vision of a certain saint about the fate of a priest who swore falsely.
278 Abbas sees a vision of Saint Mary blessing the monks who were chanting the Psalms.
279 The inhabitants of Damot who would not observe the feast days of Saint Mary are punished by a storm that brings down a mighty tree.
280 The judgment of the court of Zärˀa Yaˁəqob against the Stephanites.
281 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Synaxary entry for 16 Nahase: The Apostles visit Saint Mary in heaven.
282 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Anonymous homily against the report that the Apostles abandoned the body of Saint Mary when they were attacked by the non-Christians during her funeral procession.
283 A Christian community is attacked by a neighboring non-Christian community.
284 A renegade Ethiopian Christian monk who became Beta Israel is hunted down by the troops of the king.
285 A man is led to baptism by a dream about a lion and a monk.
286 The Magicians who tried to cast a spell on the Epiphany water.
287 The birth of the prince, Batergela Maryam.
288 Batergela Maryam is accused of treason and is imprisoned.
289 Batergela Maryam is protected from the plague; his calumniator is punished by the king.
290 When the destruction of Däbrä Metmaq is reported in Ethiopia, the king orders the construction of a new monastery to take its place.
291 When Satan destroys the oven of a monastery, he is compelled to serve the monks for twelve years in punishment.
292 Saint Mary shows those assembled at Däbrä Metmaq a vision of Mohammad in Hell.
293 Mary, Nativity of cycle: Saint Mary heals the daughter of Arsaban while still in the womb of Saint Anne.
294 Mary, Conception of cycle: The descent of the holy seed from Adam to Saint Mary.
295 Mary, Annunciation of cycle: God sends Saint Gabriel to Saint Mary for the Annunciation.
296 Mary, Nativity of cycle: The non-Christians plan to kill Saint Mary because of the miracles she was working while still in the womb of Saint Anne.
297 Mary, Annunciation of cycle: The Annunciation.
298 Mary, Pregnancy of cycle: Saint Mary leaves the Temple and enters the home of Saint Joseph.
299 Christ, Nativity of cycle: The adoration of the shepherds and the Magi.
300 Christ, Nativity of cycle: The Circumcision.
301 Holy Family journey cycle: Herod orders the slaughter of the Innocents; a hunter with his dogs finds the Holy Family in flight from the king.
302 Holy Family journey cycle: The hunter reports to King Demateyanos, who comes to visit the Holy Family.
303 Holy Family journey cycle: Saint Gabriel tells Saint Mary to return from the mountains of Lebanon to Bethlehem.
304 Holy Family journey cycle: An angel tells Saint Joseph to take Saint Mary and her child to Egypt.
305 Holy Family journey cycle: All Israel is upset by the coming of the Magi; Saint Gabriel tells Saint Mary to flee to the mountains of Lebanon.
306 Holy Family journey cycle: The Magi find the Holy Family and depart; Saint Mary flees to Tiberias and from there to the mountains of Lebanon.
307 Holy Family journey cycle: The Holy Family stays in Dirde.
308 Holy Family journey cycle: Saint Mary’s prayer while in the wilderness of Edomeyas.
309 Saint Mary appears to an official who kidnapped a girl that had made a vow of virginity.
310 A child, while attending a hermit’s Mass near Jerusalem, is seized by Satan, but is delivered by Saint Mary.
311 A stream runs uphill after his neighbor had diverted it.
312 A column falls and breaks the leg of the son of an official when some men destroy a church of Saint Mary in Homs.
313 The paralytic who was healed on the 16th of Nahase.
314 A priest becomes insane after his entire family dies of the plague.
315 Mary, Childhood of cycle: Saint Mary stays in the Temple.
316-A Mary, Conception of cycle: The conception and nativity of Saint Mary.
316-B Saint Mary heals the daughter of Arsaban.
316-C Mary, Nativity of cycle: The birth of Saint Mary on the first of Genbot.
316-D Mary, Childhood of cycle: When she is three years old, Saint Mary is taken to the Temple.
317 Mary, Engagement of cycle: Saint Mary is espoused to Saint Joseph.
318 Tiras, who did not observe holy days, becomes deaf and dumb, but he is healed when his master prays to Saint Mary.
319 Saint Mary makes a covenant with King Dawit of Ethiopia.
320 The general of King (Dawit) of Ethiopia who defected to the enemy.
321 Holy Family journey cycle: The rich Egyptian woman who refused to give water to the Holy Family.
322 Holy Family journey cycle: The people of an Egyptian town set fierce dogs on the Holy Family.
323 Holy Family journey cycle: The hunter who discovered the Holy Family in flight is turned into a dog when he violates his oath not to reveal them.
324 Holy Family journey cycle: The Holy Family visits the king of the Semites.
325 Holy Family journey cycle: The Holy Family hides from thieves in a sycamore tree at Däbrä Metmaq.
326 Holy Family journey cycle: The Holy Family uses stones instead of a boat to cross the Nile.
327 The three pious priests and monks who wore fine clothes.
328 The pious abbot who was falsely accused by his monks of sinning with a woman.
329 The men who stole the furnishings of a church of Saint Mary located near the western boundary of Ethiopia and were struck by lightning.
330 The punishment of an Ethiopian woman who swore falsely that she had not committed adultery with another woman’s husband.
331 The monk who was expelled from school when he could not pay his teacher.
332 The new tabot of Saint Mary that was found outside the box in which it had been placed.
333 A monk, while guarding a church, has a nocturnal emission and finds himself suddenly outside the courtyard of the church.
334 An angel drives away the custodian of a church of Saint Mary when he was about to enter after sinning with a woman.
335 The Ethiopian general who went off to fight without the consent of the king.
336 The two retainers of a pious ruler who swore not to fight with one another.
337 A monk obtains from Saint Mary food for a visitor.
338 The king who ordered his retainers to bury him in the church of Saint Mary that he had built.
339 The man who out of jealousy burned down the house of a former wife who had abandoned him.
340 The man who suspected a former wife of having burned down his house.
341 The thieves who stole the furnishings of a church of Saint Mary and refused to restore them when she appeared to them.
342 The man who borrowed for a wedding a silken garment from the church of Saint Mary.
343 The man who was unable to open the church he was intending to plunder.
344 A goat comes miraculously to be slaughtered.
345 The robbers who took from a monk his clothes and the cover of an icon of Saint Mary that he was carrying.
346 The abbot who fell sick while on a missionary Journey.
347 Christ, Nativity of cycle: The nativity of Christ
348 The milk of Saint Mary that was poured on the ground in Egypt.
349 The Ethiopian pilgrim who was expelled from the Church (of the Resurrection) in Jerusalem during the Easter services.
350 The icon of Saint Mary in the church of the “Romans” that rebuked the Ethiopians for approaching with their shoes on.
351 The rich man who left the church because the priest was saying the Anaphora of Saint Mary, Gwasca, on a big feast day.
352 The rich persons who stored their wealth in a church.
353 The man who lost a slave that he was about to sell in Barara.
354 The monasteries summon King (Dawit) of Ethiopia to abdicate.
355 The carpenter who asked for a copy of the Gadla samaˁtat as a reward for his services in building a church.
356 Saint Mary appears to a priest of Däbrä Maryam in Sire.
357 The pilgrim who was journeying to Jerusalem through Hamda.
358 The icon of Saint Mary in a church of Alexandria that some Europeans tried to steal.
359 The punishment of a custodian of a church who did not obey the bishop.
360 The icon of Saint Mary that did not burn when the rest of the house was destroyed.
361 The pious monk who drowned while crossing a river on his way to a feast that was being given by a rich man in honor of the Assumption.
362 The blind teacher whom his pupils wanted to push over a cliff while they were on their way to a feast being given in honor of the Assumption.
363 Saint Mary appears to Theocleia and prepares her for martyrdom.
364 The abbot who rejected the horologium and other works of Abba Giyorgis.
365 Saint Mary cuts short her visit to a pious monk when she hears her name invoked according to the horologium of Abba Giyorgis.
366 A young monk is horrified when he has a sexual dream.
367 When a couple tries to marry their son whom they had dedicated to Saint Mary, he falls sick to the point of death.
368 The monk from a monstery on an island who could not find his boat when he wanted to return.
369 Saint Alexius lives for fifteen years near a church of Saint Mary in Armenia.
370 The history of Abba Bula/Abib.
371 The recovery of the icons stolen from Hagara Maryam.
372 Saint Mary reveals where the furnishings stolen from the church of Hagara Maryam are located.
373 A leopard carries off a goat that a poor man had bought in the market for the commemorative feast of Saint Mary at the church of Hagara Maryam.
374 The man who used to steal his food from the fields and would not admit it when questioned at the church of Hagara Maryam.
375 A huge tree needed for the construction of Hagara Maryam that they were unable to cut down falls down for them during the night.
376 Stone needed for the construction of Hagara Maryam is found by the help of a vislon.
377 A tree intended for a pillar for Hagara Maryam falls over a cliff, when they cut it down, but it is recovered undamaged.
378 Saint Mary appears to Yohannes Kama.
379 Zärˀa Yaˁəqob and the invasion of Badlay.
380 Zärˀa Yaˁəqob is given a sign of Badlay’s fall.
381 Saint Mary appears to the gabaz of her church in Waybela and tells him about the fall of Badlay.
382 The Egyptian woman who lost a silver plate while bathing in a miraculous spring.
383 The man who would not eat before receiving Holy Communion.
384 The monk whose only good work was observing the fast of Saint Mary.
385 The hungry man whom Saint Mary used to feed.
386 The priest, Zacharias, who was about to hang himself so as not to see his son die.
387 Saint Mary turns water over which her anaphora was recited by Abba Samuˀel of Wali into miraculous bread.
388 Saint Mary brings gifts to Abba Samuˀel of Wali.
389 Satan tries to prevent Abba Samuˀel of Wali from praying by seizing his prayer book.
390 Praise of Saint Mary’s greatness.
391 Malka Sedeq learns from a vision how Zärˀa Yaˁəqob was chosen to reign.
392 A paralytic is cured at the church of Makana Iyyasus; he establishes a monastery at the tomb of Abba Anbass and lives there.
393 Saint Mary informs Malka Sedeq in a vision that he will receive favor from Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob.
394 The Stephanites are revealed among the damned in a vision of the blessed and the damned.
395 The miraculous icon in a monastery: when the Body of Christ falls to the ground unnoticed during the distribution of Communion, Saint Mary orders Saint Michael to pick it up.
396 A Christian of Täˀkä Maryam, Tanseˀa Krəstos, tries to convert a man.
397 Saint Mary appears to a pious woman and asks her to go to a certain town and teach the people the observance of her five feast days, from the 21st to the 25th of Genbot.
398 Saint Mary rescues a wonder-working monk from another monastery who was living with the monks of Däbrä Maryam, when Satan comes to him in disguise and tries to throttle him.
399 A man prays for his sick son before the icon of Saint Mary; she sends Saint Qirqos, then comes herself with Saint George to cure him.
400 The five sorrows of Saint Mary.
401 The girl who was going to be stoned after she was caught committing fornication.
402 The monastic community that was supplied with provisions by Saint Mary.
403 Saint Mary appears to a monk and saves him from being deceived by Satan.
404 Saint Mary gives a garment to a poor monk.
405 Saint Mary heals a poor man from skin disease whom people had refused to carry to church.
406 The pious priest to whom Satan came for confession.
407 The king’s washerman who was attacked by a lion.
408 A young man whom his mother had vowed to the service of Saint Mary becomes impotent when his parents try to wed him.
409 The magistrate whom the king accused of embezzlement.
410 The couple that were guided by the wife’s dream to find buried money with which to build a shrine to Saint Mary.
411 The hunter who caught a gassa kalb in his net.
412 A child and his mother see the icon of Saint Mary weeping for the sins of the world.
413 The man who wanted to give a banquet on Saint Mary’s feast but was unable because of a famine.
414 The sinner whom Saint Mary healed after his relatives had spent all his money on physicians.
415 The thief who was caught stealing from the church of Saint Mary and was released by his captors when he prayed to her.
416 The fisherman who was eaten up by a dragon but was found alive when the dragon’s belly was cut open.
417 A sinner is saved from damnation because he had built a shrine in the name of Saint Mary.
418 Christ, Nativity of cycle: A soldier redeems the Child Jesus from another soldier who was thinking of handing him over to King Herod.
419 Oz, the Byzantine monk, is shown a vision of Hell by Saint Urael.
420 The man who accepted fine clothes as a bribe for future favors.
421 Saint Mary stops a pestilence.
422 A plague in a monastery is halted at the prayer of a monk.
423 The church of Saint Mary in Spain to which she used to bring Christian captives.
424 The priest from Cyprus who brought a particle of the Eucharist to a non-Christian.
425 Thieves try to steal from a church of Saint Mary in Syria but are unable to bring what they have stolen out of the church.
426 A child whom his mother had vowed to Saint Mary is rescued from drowning.
427 Some Christians held captive by a man are freed by an angel and are brought to Cyprus.
428 An official demands tribute from the monks of Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam.
429 A thief is hanged upside down with the objects he stole from the church of Saint Mary in Sebkahad.
430 The dog that ran off with a manuscript of the Miracles of Mary.
431 Holy Family journey cycle: The inhabitants of an Egyptian town who plot to hand Jesus over to King Herod are turned into animals.
432 Holy Family journey cycle: The king of Egypt asks Saint Mary to bless his land.
433 Saint Mary restores his eye to a thief from Saf who had been deprived of it by order of the judge.
434 An unbaptized woman attempts to enter the house of Saint Mary, who prevents her and tells her to seek baptism.
435 Mary, Annunciation of cycle: The Annunciation.
436 Saint Mary gives a cup of the water of life to an Ethiopian monk in Jerusalem.
437 Mary, Annunciation of cycle: On the conception of Christ.
438 The woman whose baby daughter was carried off by a hyena.
439 The European who tried to steal the icon of Saint Mary from Däbrä Sedeneya.
440 Christ gives Ethiopia as tithes to Saint Mary.
441 Holy Family journey cycle: The Holy Family returns from Egypt by way of Gaza.
442 Holy Family journey cycle: Saint Mary is welcomed when she returns to Galilee.
443 A container of oil remains suspended in mid air in a church of Saint Mary when the cord by which it was suspended breaks.
444 Saint Mary helps a poor man become wealthy.
445 Christ, Nativity of cycle: How the Virgin Mary gave birth (see no. 299)
446 Christ, Nativity of cycle: The shepherds and the magi come to worship Christ.
447 Mary, Childhood of cycle: Saint Mary’s stay in the Temple.
448 The story of Julius Aqfahasi.
449 The story of Abadir, a district governor of Egypt.
450 The story of King Tarses of Fars, who loved to kill Christians.
451 King Yasay of Egypt, who became a monk in Däbrä Rom.
452 The man from Rome who wanted to kill Christians, but was seized by the priests of the church of Saint Mary.
453 Saint Mary heals the wounds of Ermeyis of Sidon with a drop of her milk.
454 Patriarch Tewoqritos of Jerusalem rebukes King Akratis of Egypt for not fasting or praying.
455 The story of Astaqaˀos, the European potter who was buried alive.
456 The temptations that Akroseya, the wife of Qawestos, overcame.
457 The soul of Christina, the wife of Aaron, an Egyptian official, goes to Heaven.
458 The men who spent the night at the ruins of Däbrä Metmaq.
459 The priest Thomas sees Saint Mary inscribing the names of those who praise her on the fiery chariot of gold.
460-A Ark of Zion cycle: When Israel Sins against the Law, the Philistines defeat them and carry off the Ark of Zion, which then chastizes them.
460-B Ark of Zion cycle: The news of the capture of the Ark of Zion is brought to Eli.
460-C Ark of Zion cycle: The Philistines bring the Ark of Zion to Azotus and put it into the temple of Dagon.
461-A Ark of Zion cycle: The havoc wrought among the Philistines by the Ark of Zion.
461-B Ark of Zion cycle: The Philistines consult magicians as to what they should do with the Ark of Zion.
461-C Ark of Zion cycle: The Philistines send back the Ark of Zion on a cart drawn by two heifers.
462 Paraleya from Iyyoram, who was beaten by her husband because she was childless.
463 Emperor Honorius, who lived like a monk.
464 King Bartaqu of Greece, who became a monk.
465 A dragon that had swallowed up Efrem, a monk of Däbrä Timona, is compelled to vomit him up alive ten days later.
466 The story of Dilasor, brother of Emperor Theodosius, who was Abba Kiros.
467 Christ orders Abba Samu’el of Wali to celebrate Mass for the feast of Saint Mary.
468 Abba Samuˀel of Wali is lifted up while reciting the Wəddase Maryam.
469 The prodigal son of a man who used, when he was alive, to feed two persons; Saint Mary promises him riches, but he finds only two grains of gold.
470 Synaxary entry for the 16th of Yakkatit: Saint Mary receives the Pact of Mercy (kidan mehret).
471 The annual apparition of Saint Mary at Däbrä Metmaq.
472 Archbishop Tilas, who was seized by non-Christians while carrying a golden chalice.
473 Elias from Elkesus, who was falsely accused and was suspended by the abbot.
474 Bishop Hildephonsus sees the icon of Saint Mary sweating; she asks him to raise a girl from the dead.
475 The woman who was falsely accused of killing the child she was nursing and was condemned to death.
476 An official who used to rob the poor is converted when a monk reveals that Satan was acting as his counsellor.
477 The three monks who attempted to say Mass in a mosque.
478 The dogs of the hunter praise Saint Mary.
479 Tekta, who is childless, has a dream about ten generations ending with the moon and the sun.
480 Mary, Assumption of cycle: The Assumption as narrated by Saint John to Prochorus.
481 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint John tells Prochorus how he and the other Apostles were brought together on the 15th of Naṣase.
482 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Plato is present at the Transitus of Saint Mary.
483 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Thomas relates how he was taken to Heaven and saw the body of Saint Mary.
484 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary narrates to Saint John a revelation made to her by Christ on Golgotha.
485 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Christ grants Saint Mary a vision of the sufferings of those in Hell.
486 Christ, Nativity of cycle: The magi and their chief, Balaam, see the star of Christ’s birth.
487 Mary, Assumption of cycle: Saint Mary narrates to Saint John a revelation made to her by Christ on Golgotha (continuation).
488 Narration of the consecration of the first church; when the patriarchs are commemorated, they rise from the dead and are baptized.
489 Ark of Zion cycle: The beginning of the history of the Ark of Zion in the giving of the Ten Commandments.
490 Ark of Zion cycle: The miracles of the Ark of Zion in the days of Joshua.
491 Ark of Zion cycle: The history of the Ark of Zion during the reigns of David and Solomon; Menelik takes the Ark toward Axum; when they reach the Red Sea, it parts before them.
492 Ark of Zion cycle: The Ark of Zion is installed in Axum; the coming there of Abba Salama, who explains to the priests attending the Ark its true significance.
493 Ark of Zion cycle: Homily on the giving of the Law and the fashioning of the Tabernacle.
494-A Ark of Zion cycle: Exhortation based on the conquest of Palestine by the Ark of Zion.
494-B Ark of Zion cycle: Continuation of the preceding Exhortation: The Ark of Zion crossing of the Jordan and the conquest of Palestine.
495-A Ark of Zion cycle: King David and all Israel bring back the Ark of Zion.
495-B Ark of Zion cycle: Nathan tells King David that his son, Solomon, will build the Temple for the Ark of Zion.
496-A Ark of Zion cycle: The Temple that King Solomon built for the Ark of Zion.
496-B Ark of Zion cycle: Reflections on the construction of the Temple of Solomon.
497 Ark of Zion cycle: God appears to King Solomon in a dream after the dedication of the Temple.
499-A Ark of Zion cycle: After the destruction of the Temple by Nebuchadnezzar, the Ark of Zion is hidden; the prophecy of Ezra concering it.
499-B Ark of Zion cycle: The prophecy of Ezra concerning the Ark of Zion (continued).
500 Ark of Zion cycle: The precious stones used in building the Temple.
501 Ark of Zion cycle: The vision of Zechariah concerning the Ark of Zion.
502 The Dormition and Transitus of Saint Mary.
503 Saint Mary heals a servant girl from a magic spell.
504 Daniel from Constantinople, who wanted to go to church to receive Communion even when there was fighting in the streets.
505 Deganna, the church builder, who was asked by King Aktab to build a temple for his pagan gods.
506 Sara from Mesot, who became insane and went about naked.
507 Barnabas from Sandafa, who used to venerate Saint Mary’s icon.
508 Qawestos, the husband of Akroseya, becomes a disciple of Saint Clement.
509 The brother of Emperor Constantine who wanted to marry the empress while Constantine was on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
510 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation.
511 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): The Miraculous Conception of Saint John the Baptist.
512 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): The Visitation of Saint Mary to St. Elizabeth.
513 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): Gabriel the Archangel.
514 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): Holy Spirit.
515 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): Home of Saint Mary
516 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): Mysteries.
517 Homily on the Annunciation and the Incarnation (continuation): Saint Elizabeth.
518 The mourning of Saint John the Baptist for his mother.
519 In a vision Saint Mary is shown the Paradise of the Just.
520 Saint Mary’s promises to those who are devoted to her.
521 Saint Mary prays to Christ on the 16th of Yakkatit.
522 The people of Febor sacrifice pigs at the gate of their city so as to prevent the Holy Family from entering; they themselves are changed into pigs.
523 Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob kills Badlay and dimembers his body.
524 Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob writes the Book of the Miracles of Mary.
525 Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob, returning victorious, builds a church in the name of Saint Mary and commands the observance of her feast.
526 Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob composes chants in honor of Saint Mary.
527 Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob establishes the cult of the Trinity throughout his empire.
528 Saint Mary helps Emperor Na’od humble the non-Christians.
529 Saint Mary assists the emperors of Ethiopia.
530 Saint Mary is found to be pregnant.
531 Saint Mary comes to a church in the form of a white dove to heal from smallpox a man whose only good work was celebrating her commemoration.
532 The Dormition and Assumption of Saint Mary’s body into Heaven.
533 The king who invited Abba Abreham to come and discuss spiritual matters.
534 A bishop asks a man for the prayer that saved him from Satan.
535 The Stephanites in Egypt and Palestine.
536 The Annunciation.
537 Synaxary entry for the 21st of Genbot: the Holy Family enters Egypt.
538 Saint Thomas arrives for the funeral of Saint Mary.
539 A barren woman conceives and bears salda Masqal.
540 Saints Mary and Gabriel visit an Ethiopian named Gabra Maryam and heal him.
541 Abraham, a relative of Saint Stephen, becomes a Christian.
542 At the commemoration of Abba Samuˀel of Wali a blind man recovers his sight.
543 A blind woman is brought by her son to the tomb of Abba Samuˀel of Wali.
544 The blind woman from Zarafta who was unable to come to the tomb of Abba Samuˀel of Wali.
545 Saint Mary and her Son appear to Patriarch Bartholomew while saying Mass.
546 Satan comes to some monks and entrusts a child to them; the monks eat the child.
547 A monk heals two blind hyena cubs with an icon of Saint Mary.
548 The monk, Paul, who was attacked by brigands.
549 The pious deacon who was seized to avenge a homicide committed by his brother.
550 The Transitus of Saint Mary.
551 The magistrate who believed in Christ when he saw Saint Mary’s miracles.
552 Saint Mary is symbolized in Scripture as a dove.
553 Christ gives Saint Mary the Pact of Mercy.
554 Saint Mary appears to Abuna Madganina Egziˀ and Abba Samuˀel of Wali.
555 Saint Mary appears to Abba Samuˀel of Wali and promises blessings to those who drink the water over which they read her anaphora.
556 The cross at Däbrä Qʷəsqʷam that used to bless when the priest saying Mass blessed.
557 A  herder starts to build a shrine to Saint Mary on good land; when he dies, she saves his soul from the angels of darkness.
558 Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob institutes monthly feasts of Saint Mary.
559 A history of Däbrä Metmaq, its construction, destruction and reconstruction.
560 The dissolute youth from Ethiopia who was about to be killed by the magistrate.
561 The ruined church of Saint Mary that was rebuilt.
562-A Saint Mary asks bread from a poor widow during the flight from Herod.
562-B Certain ones raised from the dead relate to Saint Mary their sufferings in the fires of Gehenna.
563 The monastery near Alexandria whose trees were cut down by non-Christians.
564 Sabela, a nun of Caesarea, who had a vision of Saint Mary while sleeping.
565 The bread and wine that came down from Heaven to Abbot Gabriel during Mass in the church of Saint Mary in Rome.
566 Bishop Deraleyos in Däbrä Gass, who was a lazy monk.
567 The European Archbishop Thaddeus, whom Saint Mary assisted at Mass.
568 The monk, Abiathar, in Nubia, who was led to repentance by a vision of Saint Mary.
569 Eusebius, whom Saint Mary took to Heaven.
570 The prophet, Jonah, who came from Egypt.
571 Matthias, a student from Bartos in Egypt, who was beaten and imprisoned for teaching about Christ.
572 Saint Mary appears to Abba Besoy on the day of the Assumption.
573 How the Egyptian youth, Besoy, who had destroyed churches and killed people, repented after killing a pregnant woman.
574 Abba Paphnutius lives in the desert for thirty-three years, being nourished with bread from Heaven.
575 Arkaledes from Qawep, who vowed not to look again at a woman, when his mother came to visit him, he died before seeing her.
576 The vision granted to Archbishop Bartholomew in Jerusalem.
577 Four thieves break into the church of Saint Mary and steal vestments; they are brought back by lions.
578 The thirty monks of Scete whom Satan inspired to beat each other.
579 Satan takes the form of a bird to deceive two monks who had lived together in harmony for fifteen years.
580 The clergy wish to receive Communion on the feast of Easter from Archbishop Maximus in Jerusalem.
581 Saint Mary assists Abba Daniel in the desert and gives him a lion to ride on.
582 The European monk, Zena Krəstos, who was a herder and whose beasts were attacked by a lion.
583 Saints Michael and Gabriel appear while Abbot Eliab is teaching his monks, who are given bread from Heaven.
584 Homily of Saint John the Evangelist on the greatness of Saint Mary, which he had seen in a vision.
585 The Christian villagers in Armenia who had to buy their water from non-Christians.
586 Pelagia, a nun from Caesarea, whom Satan afflicted with leprosy.
587 Aqlemeya, a poor woman from Rome, who was tied to a tree by brigands for five days and nights.
588 A Christian retainer escapes unharmed when his king is defeated by their enemies.
589 The woman who was crossing a river on a raft [mezlal].
590 Saint Mary teaches a man who had been refused instruction how to write.
591 Zakkareyas from Rafa, whom the custodian of the church locked out of the place where his food was kept.
592 Abbot Lebdeyos speaks to the people on the feast of Saint Mary when they ask him to distribute Communion.
593 Patriarch Mekmeyanos, whom the clergy and people threatened to depose when he fell sick.
594 Bishop Bakkimos of Constantinople, to whom Saint Mary appeared concerning Lebaneya, who was sterile.
595 The story of the martyr, Saint Romanus.
596 How the angels worship the Eucharist, the Cross and Saint Mary.
597 Abbot Tasfa Mahebar from Caesarea, who was given a cloud as a chariot and went to visit Abba Zakkareyas in Scete.
598 Doyq, the son of Taliq, is raised from the dead by Saint Mary while she was still in the womb of Saint Anne.
599 Saladdin and his men try to force their way into the house where Saint Mary was born.
600 Saint Mary heals two women whom a demon had made ill.
601 A young servant of a monk gets lost among foreigners but is restored safe and sound when the monk cries to Saint Mary.
602 A woman marries seven times, but each time her husband is killed by a demon.
603 Saint Mary heals in Bethlehem a large multitude of sick people who had sought her in the Temple.
604 Saint Mary asks Christ to bless those who honor her and pray for her help.
605 A Christian from Bethlehem is restored to his community after being sold into slavery by the Turks and beaten and slain by his master.
606 Saint Mary visits Calvary.
607 Homily on the greatness of Saint Mary.
608 Homily on the Assumption and on the reason for the trials and labors of the Apostles.
609 The vision of Saint John in the Apocalypse.
610 Homily on the vision of Saint John the Evangelist.
611 Continuation of the preceding homily on the vision of the Apocalypse.
612 Continuation of the preceding homily on the vision of the Apocalypse.
613 Conclusion of the preceding homily on the vision of the Apocalypse.
614 The Apostles decree that the events concerning the Transitus of Saint Mary that they have witnessed three times should be written down and that be commemorated three times a year.
615 Homily on the silver bird with gilded wings (Ps. 67,14).
616 The acts of Saint Paul in Wariqon, as narrated by Saint Peter.
617 When non-Christians try to seize Saint Mary and the Apostles in Bethlehem, they are taken by the Spirit to the Temple, the house being left empty.
618 The governor believes in Christ and rebukes the non-Christians (continuation of the preceding miracle).
619 The Spirit tells the Apostles to take Saint Mary from the Temple.
620 Mary, Annunciation of cycle: Homily on the Annunciation, preceded by the gospel text.
621 Mary,Annunciation of cycle: Homily on the Annunciation (continuation).
622 When Agabos from Dalga enters the church, the icon of Saint Mary weeps.
623 Mary, Dormition of cycle: The Dormition.
624 Mary, Annunciation of cycle: After the Annunciation, Zacharias blesses Saint Mary, who then goes to visit her cousin, Elizabeth.
625 Holy family journey cycle: When King Herod learns that the Holy Family is in the wilderness of Barta, an angel tells Saint Joseph to flee to the mountains of Lebanon.
626 Holy family journey cycle: Herod commands King Gigar be brought to the olive tree.
627 Holy family journey cycle: The prayer of King Demateyanos.
628 Holy family journey cycle: When Saint Mary departs from the city of Itenin, its people weep.
629 Mary, Nativity of cycle: On the occasion of the marriage of Saints Joachim and Anne, prophecies are made concerning the birth of Saint Mary.
630 The story of Zacharias, the father of Saint John the Baptist.
631 Homily of Cyriacus of Behensa for the 16th of Napase.
632 Saint Mary thanks Christ after receiving from him the Pact of Mercy.
633 Mary, Dormition of cycle: Christ appears to the Apostles after the Dormition of Saint Mary.
634 The Chalcedonian schism; the house of Nazareth is miraculously transported.
635 The church of Saint Mary in Homs collapses in an earthquake.
636 Job, a pupil of Barsuma, falls into a well.
637 Homily on the greatness of Saint Mary.
638 Anne from Constantinople rises from the dead and relates her experiences.
639 The heir who planned to terminate his father’s custom of a monthly feast in honor of Saint Mary.
640 Some officials visit the icon of Saint Mary at Däbrä Sedeneya.
641 Homily of Emperor Zärˀa Yaˁəqob on Saint Mary as the hope of salvation.
642 Holy Family journey cycle: When the Holy Family encounters brigands during their return journey from Egypt, Christ repairs the broken sword of Tetos.
643 Saint Mary appears to a man who was about to teach another religion to a Christian, but the teacher is converted to Christianity and dies a martyr.
644 A miracle story that does not appear in Macomber’s file.