Ninteenth-Century African Literature

The material below is part of a larger project still in progress, the anthology Early African Literature: The Written Roots from 3000 BCE to 1900 CE, and thus is still being researched and is provisional. Comments and corrections welcome.

Nineteenth-Century West African Written Texts (1800 to 1900)

Chapter 26: In Arabic [Sahelian Written Texts (e.g., Niger, Mali, Chad)]

Chapter 27: In English

Chapter 28: In French

Chapter 29: In Portuguese

Chapter 30: In Other European Languages

Chapter 31: In Nsibidi

Chapter 31: In Hausa (also Wolof, Fulani, Mende, etc.)

Nineteenth-Century East African Written Texts (1800 to 1900)

Chapter 32: In Gəʾəz

Chapter 33: In Amharic

Chapter 34: In Swahili

Chapter 35: In Arabic

Chapter 35: In Somali

Nineteenth-Century South African Written Texts (1800 to 1900)

Chapter 36: In English

Chapter 37: In Afrikaans

Chapter 38: In Zulu

Chapter 39: In Xhosa

Chapter 40: In Shona

Chapter 41: In Other African Languages