How to Write a Journal Article

In my writing workbook, Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success, I take you through all the steps to revising a classroom paper, conference paper, or thesis chapter into a peer-reviewed journal article that you send to a journal. The steps are as follows.

WEEK 1: Design your plan for writing 

WEEK 2: Create and test out your argument 

WEEK 3: Write an abstract of your article 

WEEK 4: Study journals and  select one 

WEEK 5: Refine your works cited and develop good citation habits

WEEK 6: Craft your claims for significance (this is a new chapter in the second edition)

WEEK 7: Analyze your evidence (this chapter and the next are expanded from a short chapter in the first edition) 

WEEK 8: Present your evidence 

WEEK 9: Work on the macrostructure of your article

WEEK 10: Strengthen the title, introduction, and conclusion of your article 

WEEK 11: Work on the microstructure of your article, editing your sentences for clarity

WEEK 12: Prepare your article for submission and send it

WEEK X: Advice on revising and resubmitting your article after peer review

WEEK 0: Advice on writing your article from scratch