My One-Day Journal Article Writing Workshop

I offer a one-day workshop based on two of the most popular sections of my writing workbook Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. Although the one-day workshop does not provide the supportive structure of the ten-week course or the one-week workshop, which actually enable students to produce prose for publication, this workshop is an affordable alternative for institutions. I do not currently offer this workshop to individuals; rather I give it at the request of universities or research institutions.

In general, I hold this workshop on a Friday or Saturday from 10 to around 12:30 and 2:00 to around 4:30. In the morning, we address writing anxieties and habits through discussion and writing exercises; in the afternoon, we address ways to avoid the most common mistakes that scholarly authors make when submitting articles to journals and do some argument exercises. There is an enrollment cap of thirty. Participants should arrive with a particular paper in mind that they would like to revise for publication.

“This is the best program for a writing course I’ve seen.”
Robert Boice, leading scholar on academic writing and faculty productivity


Anonymous evaluations of Belcher’s journal article writing workshops:

“I learned skills this summer that would have taken me fifteen years to figure out on my own.”

“I am so thankful that I was able to take this class. It changed my whole orientation towards writing papers, which in turn changed my work habits, which in turn changed my life! Thanks to Wendy for the incredible service she does in teaching this course!”

“I learned more in this course from this instructor than I learned in any of the preparatory classes I took during my doctorate program.”

“As a way of decompressing anxieties and being held to firm but self-imposed deadlines, this class was without equal in my graduate career.”

“This was an excellent, practical, useful, interesting, supportive, fun, thought-provoking, and super-high quality class. The best. I would recommend this class to ANYONE who wants to write!”

“After seeing how many faculty don’t follow the lessons we’ve learned, I’m glad I had the exposure to this information–it would have been very easy to duplicate faculty’s bad habits. I feel lucky to have taken this class!”

“This course is an investment for life.”

“This class works!”

“This class demystifies the academic publishing process.”

“This course ambitiously attempts many things: writing training, teaching publishing ‘tricks of the trade,’ and instilling good writing habits. Amazingly it succeeds, largely due to the well-structured and balanced approach of the instructor.”

“Wendy Belcher offers practical, hands-on instruction that will improve your writing skills, extinguish writing phobias, and greatly enhance your chances of publication.”

From e-mails sent after Belcher’s journal article writing workshops:

“Just a brief note to let you know that a new essay of mine was accepted for publication! Hurray! Thanks to all that I learned from you!”

“Looking back after three years, your class was instrumental in enabling me to get some more publications. While several things stand out, the biggest one in my mind is your notion of writing 15 minutes a day (which I actually increased to 45 minutes). This gave me confidence that I could make progress on an article despite being busy with work commitments, since last fall I started an assistant professor position.”

“I never sent out the article I polished last summer, but I did use what I learned and put many of the ideas from that paper into one for a class in the fall. I’ve worked on it on and off during this very busy year, but will be sending it out on Thursday or Friday this week (to the same journal I was hoping to publish in last year).” 

“My article is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2002. This publication is a direct result of your class. Thanks for your help!”