Malawi 2005 Writing Workshops

In May and June 2005, I facilitated two week-long workshops with University of Malawi faculty members. The first workshop on Writing and Publishing the Academic Article was held in Zomba; the second workshop on Writing the Textbook Chapter was held in Mangochi. Both of these were very successful–we all enjoyed meeting each other, talking about writing, and making progress through concrete writing exercises. The focus was on letting go of writing anxiety while producing journal-quality research articles or clear, comprehensive textbook chapters. After the workshop ended, the participants continued to work independently on sending their work to editors and peer-reviewed journals. These workshops were generously sponsored by the Chr. Michelsen Institute, a private social science research foundation working on issues of development and human rights, with a special interest in sub-Saharan Africa. University of Malawi faculty members Nixon Khembo and Nandini Patel made all the arrangements for the workshop.

Malawi 2005 Article Writing Workshop

The workshop on "Writing and Publishing the Academic Article" was held in the beautiful Ku Chawe Inn on Zomba mountain, sometimes called the Scotland of Africa. To see spectacular photos of the views from the mountain or inn, please also visit the website of the Norwegian professor Erling Berge.


View from the Ku Chawe Inn on Zomba Mountain over the plains of Malawi.



Ku Chawe Inn


Participants in the Writing and Publishing the Academic Article Workshop May 2005 in Zomba, Malawi.

Malawi 2005 Textbook Writing Workshop

The workshop on "Writing the Textbook Chapter" was held in the wonderful Sun n' Sand Holiday Resort in Mangochi on Lake Malawi, one of the oldest lakes in the world. The purpose of the workshop was historic: to facilitate the writing of Malawi's first textbook of politics and government. A group of approximately twenty experts in the field each submitted a chapter to this volume, edited by Lars G Svåsand and Nandini Patel, which will soon be published by the University of Malawi Press.


Views from the resort toward Lake Malawi.

Al fresca dining

Conference facilities


Participants in the Writing the Textbook Chapter Workshop June 2005 in Mangochi, Malawi.

Sudan 2007 Writing Workshops

In April and May, I facilitated a workshop with faculty from the University of Khartoum and the Afhad University for Women. The participants were extraordinary, doing such interesting research on a number of challenges facing Sudan today. Their dedication is inspiring. I hope to post some video shortly.